Bingo Island by Mytopia

Bingo Island is a truly addictive game that keeps you hooked and wanting more. Its fun, amusing and a great place to meet new people. If you’re having a rough or boring day it’s guaranteed to cheer you up and put a smile on your face

If at any point you feel you need extra help you can find the in game Bingo Island FAQS located on the help button which is above you at the top of the screen

Let’s Explore


the best way to learn about how to play Bingo Island is just by playing and reading the Bingo Island FAQ, located under “Help” on the Bingo Island toolbar.

Starting Out

It’s really easy to start playing all you need to do is enter the game and the first screen you will see is the Lobby Screen.

It is from this screen that you can choose the game you wish to play and entering it. You have 2 choices from this screen. You can either hit the Join Room button which will allow you to decide the number of cards you want to play ,the pattern of the card and if you wish to mark your cards yourself or allow the game to do this for you which is called Auto Daub. Alternatively you can hit the Play Now button which will take you to a Random room.

The rooms on this screen are automatically organised by the number of players in each room and it is also possible from this screen to reorganise the rooms in a format that suits you personally.  To reorganise them all you need to do is click on the headings, e.g.:  if you want to find a room that has the cheapest bingo cards you just click the “Card” tab and it will re-sort the column so that the rooms with the cheapest cards are displayed from the top working downwards whilst rising in cost.


  • Players – number of players in a room; clicking on heading sorts the room by number of players.
  • Card – cost of each card, measured in pearls and when clicked it sorts the rooms by cost.
  • Speed – speed that the numbers are being called; clicking on this heading organises the rooms that call numbers at a slow pace (Normal), or those being called quicker (Fast) so you finish games faster.
  • Pattern – each pattern indicates the shape your cards have to fill in order to win; clicking on heading sorts the rooms by their pattern: Blackout, Random, and Rolling.
  • Prize – the most credits that can be won in a single bingo; clicking heading sort’s rooms by amount of maximum prize.
  • Auto-daub – whether or not you want to mark your cards manually or allow the game to do this for you. By clicking on this heading the rooms organise by auto-daub or manual daub.


Playing in a room with manual daubing (no icon in column) earns you pearls for every number called and marked, even if you don’t win!

Hopefully by this point you will have grasped how to enter a room and customise the lobby to suit your personal preferences

Bingo Island is played like all other bingo games.

In Bingo Island, you will only win a bingo if the numbers on your card matches the pattern indicated under the coconut, which is also highlighted on the cards themselves. Below is a picture with the features of the game highlighted so that you will know exactly what each of these features do and how this affects your game.

As you can see clearly on the picture above the pattern is also indicated on your cards. The red dots mark off the numbers that have been called and you will need to physically place your mouse over these numbers and click so that the card is marked. If however you are playing a game that is on auto-daub the game automatically marks the numbers off for you and then sorts your cards in order of those closest to reaching a Bingo. When the pattern is filled, the bottom of the card will say “0 Away.” When that happens, just hit BINGO button above the card and Bingo you have won! Please understand that sometimes someone else may manage to call the bingo faster than you and you will miss out on the prize or a share of the prize fund. Remember to be as quick as you can.

What makes Bingo Island so much fun is that unlike some other game in this one you can actually win multiple bingos in a single game. If someone calls faster than you may still be able to win a share of the bingo fund. You can play any amount of cards from 1 -12 in any one game and this means that it’s also possible to win a bingo on more than 1 card in each game at the same time maximising your chances to win more credits .

Bingo Island has its own currency called Pearls and it is these that you will need to earn or purchase via the add or buy pearls button as displayed below.

What are Pearls?
Consider pearls as the only currency Bingo Island uses. You use it to buy cards, buy gifts, buy luck, and this in turn will help you to rise up in levels

How do I use pearls?

Pearls are used up automatically when you buy cards. They are also used when you purchase gifts for yourself and others whilst trying to level up.

How do I know how Pearls do I have?
It’s located just under the toolbar, on the top left beside your picture as shown below.

How do I get Pearls?
There are two ways for you to earn Pearls. You can do this by winning Bingo Games or by purchasing extra Pearls using real money. This is known as purchasing virtual gaming currency. Below is a picture of the buying page

Levelling up using Popularity generosity Skill and Luck

What are Popularity Generosity, Skill and Luck?

Pop (Popularity), Gen (Generosity), Skill and Luck are measurements of progress towards the next level. Each level has a set amount of Pop, Gen, Skill and Luck that you need to earn in order to move up to the next level.

How do I increase my Pop, Gen, Skill and Luck?

Pop, Gen, Skill and Luck increase when you buy and receive gifts .Skill also increases minimally for every card that you purchase and play which is solely dependent on the cost of the card as shown below.

What is my level?

Your level can be found in a number of ways on the game screen on the top left of your screen. To find out what items you need to reach the next level simply move your mouse over it to view your progress bars.

Additionally, levels and progress are also shown by clicking the Profile Tab which is placed above the screen between the Add Pearls and Help buttons.


What are gifts?

Gifts are extra items you can purchase and send to other players in the room with you. This will help you to level up faster than if you did not gift others. At times you may read in the room chat that people would like to trade items with another and this is done to help each other to level up. This just means that you agree an item and amount of items that you wish to send between the 2 of you and then you purchase and swap the items which in turn make your pop , gen , skill and luck increase which of course then levels you up.  You will also be able to send gifts as a well done present to other players when they win a game of bingo and you will quickly find that more experienced players will send gifts to you at this time or without asking just to give you a little help.

How do I give gifts?
Gifts are purchased using pearls and are very simple to send. All you do is find a person at the bottom of your screen click on their picture then select the gift you wish to purchase and hit BUY.

Please note Items can be purchased one at a time or in multiples of 10

Which gifts should I buy?

When buying gifts for others, it’s best to buy them something they really do need.

For example, if their Pop Skill and Luck progress bars are filled, treat them to some Generosity by sending them food, drinks and gifts to fill it up. You will see on the gift page how much each item is worth and you will be able to see what each person needs by simply clicking their picture.

On the picture above you will see the pop bar is full but the Gen bar is the only one that needs filling so there is no point in sending this person any gift that fills the others. Instead send them items that works on building up their generosity and I am sure they will return the favour.

Can gifts be purchased for myself?

Yes, you can but remember that buying gifts that fill the pop and gen level will not help you at all. The only way to fill this is by buying gifts for other people. You can however buy yourself gifts that fill up your skills and luck levels.

What are Special gifts of the day or week?

Sometimes you will notice a gift appearing or disappearing that you have not seen before. These gifts are only available for a limited time such as during a gift sale or promotion and this usually lasts anything from a day to a whole week. These gifts help to fill up your levels faster than the normal standard gifts you have on the gifting page so look out for them.

Insider knowledge

Increase Pop

  • Trade high-value Pop gifts, e.g. sushi and pot of gold, or umbrella when it is available. You will be surprised at how quickly it adds up
  • Be generous and give gifts to other players as you will see that they are more than willing to help you by returning the favour.

Increase Skill

  • Buy more bingo cards in your game as it is these cards that help your skill to increase. The amount you earn is worked out by how much the room costs.
  • Keep an eye out for Skill sales as these gifts let you buy large amounts of Skill for yourself and for others

Move up levels faster

  • Trading is one way to help you to level up. If you need help then ask in the chat if anyone would like to do a trade with you for a specific item.  Make sure the item you pick is the one that will give you exactly what you need. Always watch the chat as it is here that someone will ask others to trade with them.
  • Try and play in some of the busy rooms as it is in these that people are more than happy to help you to fill up you pop for instance. If you need help ask someone as there are many people who play this game that are more than happy to help you in any way they can.

Above all else remember to have as much fun as possible


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