The game states that it is a game that endorses the real life plights in the World today and follows the Eco friendly ethos, sadly its seriously lacking on that front.

The game itself is very condensed and has serious lagging issues. I don’t like how the cursor moves and it doesn’t change when u reach something clickable (this may be a personal preference issue). The graphics are not brilliant and they remind me a little of Farm town when it first came out. The background drop is not very convincing considering this is meant to be an Eco friendly game.

I would have expected to see the game based on a real life plight rather than an untidy garden and a rusty old car not to mention the broken down houses. The rubbish all seems to be cleared up and thrown into the same bin which is confusing to say the least, surely a recycle bin would have fitted into this more appropriately and would have at least attempted to follow on in its stance of being Eco friendly and the same thing happens with the wood which could have gone to a save pile to either build or even use for the campfire for cooking.

Don’t get me wrong the game is not all bad, the character that talks to you is amusing and quirky at times and there is an awesome Television that shows you a clip on various ecological issues which is a wonderful touch. The clips are a little short and I know with more thought so much more could have been added into this to make it more informative.

Personally I love the whole idea of cleaning up the world and truly believe that we need to act together to do this but there are ways and idea’s the developers could have used that would have not only engaged the player more but also informed them on what they needed to do in the real world to start to make a difference.

The background music is pretty much the worst I have heard in a game in a long time. Why did they not have a soundtrack with actual Rainforest sounds or even a voice telling us some interesting facts about the habitat we are dealing with at that moment in the game or even about what is happening in the real world today to that area of habitat? I would have liked to know if there had been animals close to extinction because of logging or poaching etc.

Adding in about how we can make a difference if we act now would have been so insightful and encouraging to the players. I guess in summing it up I would have to say yes the idea behind it is a great and noble one and yes there are some good idea’s within the game but to really engage and captivate the players it needs to be so much more Eco friendly and enlightening or they will not be playing for this for the long haul.

Let’s not forget that with Education we can help more people to see the World as a beautiful place and most of all teach them how to become a better planet saver!

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