Tips to help you progress in Cityville

There is a social game on Facebook that is called Cityville. It’s been hitting the big numbers since day 1 of its release where it attracted more the 100,000 players, and today boasts a staggering number of over 88 million monthly players.  It has hit gaming targets since being released and in January 2011 it was given the status of being the first game to have had the most active monthly users ever in all of facebooks history.


If you are new to this game don’t panic I have some tips to help you to maximise your buying and selling potential which in turn will help you to generate more Goods and Income so that you can build your city as quickly as possible.


  • Trains: Make sure you run your trains back and forth as often as possible. Don’t forget that Trains can be used to buy goods if you have a shortage and to sell goods to your neighbours if they become short. This will bring in more income.


  • Neighbours: Add as many neighbours as possible, these can be an invaluable source of income to you and can help harvest or even revive your crops. You can also harvest their crops when visiting which will earn you more money or goods.  It’s also possible to build your own shops in each of your neighbour’s cities generating you yet more money!


  • Farm Plots: Buy farm plots and plant and harvest as many crops as possible. Goods can be sold to various neighbours via the trains and this will bring you in much needed cash which will help you be able to build in more features to your city.


  • Helping out: Watch out for posts where your neighbours need help and click on these to help. These jobs such as ones in the factories usually pay you in bonus goods which can be sold or used in your own City.


  • Collections: Remember to trade in your complete collections as often as possible; these will give you goods to sell or Items to use within your City.


  • Cruise Ships and Boats: Using boats is a simple and effective way to supply your town with goods from over the sea.


  • Factory: Use your factory to build premium goods which in turn can help you earn more money to spend.


I hope that my tips help you get a little more from your game and enable you to generate more Cash and Goods.


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