My Conservation Park

On entering the game I got to see a video linked to YouTube that explained about the state of the world and the endangered animals etc, this was a brilliant idea and was worth watching for that info alone.

The characters in the game are great looking, I do find that players like quirky better than normal looking.  The colours are totally bright and pop out and make you want to watch them walking about.

I didn’t bother reading the instructions on how to play as I never do as I am someone who likes to see how tough it is to work it out as I am going along.

The game displays a big finger that shows you what your next task is and I kind of like that as it points at things you need to do. The characters you need to complete the tasks are available to buy and the icons flash and the game tells you when you need to get these and why e.g.: there was a burning bush and the game told me I needed a fireman to put it out and it was that simple once purchased I clicked on the bush and the fireman went over and put out the fire.

All the time you get pop ups that tell you what to do and gives you an insight as to the danger to the wildlife involved with each item. I found a trap and once clicked the screen popped up telling me that poachers use traps to catch other small animals and that tigers are hurt when trapped by accident in them.

I bought the binoculars and immediately a pop up for publishing or sharing on Facebook appeared, this is an essential thing to include in games because they show all your friends what you are playing each day.

I do know that this type of pop up and wording will encourage people to come and try the game out.


There is a page called Karma page and this is their homage to us to show us the real world impact we have had and this is an amazingly good idea. I think this will please the players as they will be able to get a real sense of achievement

This is the start a park page; it allows you to make parks in other areas that help other animals

Each time you click on any item on the game page it gives you an insight into that item e.g.: if u click on a tree stump you see a note come up that says “clearing wood damages the natural habitat of the animals that live in that area” this is a great little feature that really does highlight the dangers of what we are doing to our planet.

As soon as a poacher arrives you are told to arrest them and then your character takes out some handcuffs and does just that.

The game tells you to plant a tree and when you do you always get  a pop up screen telling you about that specific tree and why it is good to plant it in that destination.


So far the only downfalls are…

  • There are too many characters walking around the village all at the same time making it look cluttered


    • The music is awful

    I love this game, its fun, quirky, informative and straight hitting; you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it!

    Having said that I have not as yet found out exactly how I am saving the animals in the real sense and can only guess that it would be from spending real money!

    Part 2 coming soon!


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