My Conservation Park part 2

My conservation park is very much like Ecotopia in the way that they are both trying to solve real world issues but are falling short.

Just like Ecotopia the game is falling short of completing its journey in engaging the player to really want to make a huge difference and continue to play.

On the first visit to the game I found it to be very informative and engaging and the visual look of the characters was a plus for me.  I loved the fact there is a Karma page to show you what differences you are personally making and a trophy room that shows what tasks you have completed.

Having said that after delving a little deeper under the surface of the game play I found that it feels like you are stuck in a never ending cycle of repetitive play.  This leaves you longing for more which sadly isn’t possible from this game.

Once you have the characters you need to solve all the issues that appear and it is those issues that just keep repeating themselves over and over. Considering this isn’t a hard task to do as all you need to do is click on the issue and the problem solving character arrives and deals with the problem I would have expected more rotation of issues which would have worked out better. There is a character that recycles but when you do hire them you only see them pick up the bottle etc but not recycle it which is a waste of potential in my eyes to expand on that wouldn’t have been a difficult task.

I would have to say that this game is not progressive and on further inspection I can’t see how or why anyone would care to spend money on a game with little progression.

The pros and cons are as follows


  • Cute cartoon style characters which are brightly coloured
  • Interesting facts about every character and what they do
  • Information on why the animals are suffering and how we can stop that
  • Pops ups that explain you are making a difference
  • A great beginning screen that links to YouTube
  • A karma page which shows u your impact on the real world after u have spent real money


  • Repetitive game play
  • Annoying music
  • No recycle bins
  • Too simple to solve the issues as 1 click does them all
  • Never ending with no goals to really make a change


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