Play the day away in Zynga’s crazily addictive game CoasterVIlle

CoasterVille is a social game where players create their very own theme park, design exciting attractions and share the thrill with friends.

As I am sure you expect the game is set and revolves around the building of your own fantasy theme park and this is your ultimate task. You as the designer can choose where everything goes to the colour and shape of the attraction which for the 1st time is something that Zynga has not offered before to their players which makes this kinda unique.

Of course as always you will start with nothing except a plot of land, leaving it totally up to you to design the theme park of your dreams. As per the norm with all Zynga’s games you will have to get the help from a few of your friends and  others in the gaming community to help you complete various tasks and missions that will need to be completed in order for you to get the best out of the items on offer.

The game revolves around collecting from shops and boosting rides and off course building attractions to add in. As normal with all Zynga’s games this costs energy but unlike the other games which you have to stop playing when energy runs out now you can just switch into build mode to move things around and see how you can get the most out of the Park.

Every attraction can be upgraded in size and shape and you can even choose from various colours for the attractions that make the game visually interesting and allows you to really let your artistic senses flow.  Players are given a few different options to choose from when they are in customization mode such as deciding what shaped piece they would like to add depending on if it’s a curved piece, straight piece or one that goes at the end, the colour of the item and of course the direction they wish to expand the item.


As with all of Zynga’s games each of the tasks you complete will cost you some of the valuable coins you have been saving or the virtual currency which is available in most social games these days to purchase for real life ££$$. The bonus of having the option to purchase more Park cash is that if you are impatient like me and want to build something immediately you can use this cash to finish the build right away for perhaps 2 park cash without having to come back later or wait around. This gives you satisfaction as not only did you complete a task you added yet another attraction to your personal own Theme Park.


So I am guess right now your thinking this is going to be a doddle??? Think again!

Now this is where the strategy comes into play because you will be quick to learn that there are certain places where you should place your items to maximise the efficiency of the game.

For instance it is best to add a shop near to attractions you boost on a regular basis as the characters buy more when they have just been on a ride that was boosted because when they get off they are normally sick (and yes you do see them vomit) and then need to fill up with more food. You will also find that they often need to use the rest room when they get off a ride so making sure you place the restrooms around those area’s really does help in allowing the game to flow and work in the most effective way.


So I guess you wondering now what my thoughts are about this game and if I actually play it on a regular basis?

Well yes I play the game daily and am somewhat addicted to say the least. I find it to be a nice break from the constant killing in Mafia wars and of course it allows a little of my inner passion for design to run free.

CoasterVille also wins high marks for its presentation the wonderful and bright colours it uses and the variety of themes and options available to the players. I also like the little qwerkie characters and the way they behave like real people when vomiting which always makes me chuckle a little not to mention that before long your park begins to feel like a real life park that lives and breathes excitement for all those visiting it.

Don’t forget if you a fan of other games in Zynga’s portfolio you will already be aware that as always some of these games can become very time consuming.  Remember that the bigger the park becomes the more time you will be spending keeping busy boosting, collecting money and finishing the missions and quests. If you have time limits then don’t build too much. Oh and bare in mind as with all games this can be addictive so don’t be impatient and fall into the trap of parting with real life money just to get things done faster.

As they say a fool and their money will soon be parted!


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