Welcome to the Web page for Social Games Consultancy.com.

Social games consultancy is a professional company that has been providing services to various Gaming companies within the Social sector on a freelance basis. We are available for long or short term consultations and have the ability to assist and advise you on every aspect within the Social Gaming community. Whether you are looking for advise on your games development , alpha / beta testing or from a gamers prospective then we are here to help you.

We specialise in seeking out and unlocking the earning potential within your social games to maximise the profitability that can be earned through Virtual Currency and our team is experienced in identifying where items should be incorporated into a game so that the full earning potential will be unlocked.

We can offer support and guidance on which type of games the social gaming community want to see more of and how to generate more players.

We can offer support via e-mail or through Telephone or Skype calls.

We offer payments via google checkout and pay pal.

Please contact us with your requests for assistance and we will be more than happy to help.

E-Mail- Socialgamesconsultancy@gmail.com

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